September 9, 2019

The last thing any pregnant woman needs is more unsolicited advice about how to gestate! That said, as a second-time pregnant mom and an integrative physician I can offer the following support for pregnancy and early motherhood in the modern era.

  1. Practice self care. You are taking care of your family when you take care of yourself. This may be most literal during pregnancy, but it remains true throughout motherhood. When we consistently attend to our own needs (whether that means a two-minute shower or a 90-minute yoga class) we are then able to return to our children more present, patient, compassionate and energetic.

  2. Sleep well. Just when our bodies need sleep the most- during pregnancy and early motherhood- is when restful sleep becomes most elusive. During pregnancy it is common to get up frequently to pee. Try to attend to this task without turning on bright lights, without checking the time or your email or your online mommy forum! You will be much more likely to...

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